Commercial Checking Account

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    This account has an earnings credit which reduces or eliminates any service charges. This earnings credit is calculated by taking the account's average positive collected balance less an amount that we determine applies for reserves applicable generally to transaction accounts under the rules of the Federal Reserve and multiplying it by a market rate which can be changed without prior notice. This amount (the earnings credit) is subtracted from the standard service fee and the remainder, if any, is charged to the customer. If the government reserve policies change, we may increase or decrease the reserve amount without notice. The earnings credit applies only to the current statement cycle. It does not accrue beyond the current statement cycle. Ask for more details on how this works.

    • A minimum deposit of $300.00 is required to open this account.

    The following fees apply to Commercial Accounts, Commercial NOW Accounts, and to the Non-Profit Checking Account:

    • Account Maintenance Fee: $10.00
    • Check or debit posted: $0.17 each
    • Deposit or credit posted: $0.25 each
    • Check charge backs: $3.00 each
    • Float items deposited: $0.08 each

    Regulatory Assessment Fees: Fee is subject to change and is based on the prevailing assessment fees from regulators. The fee is based on the average current balance and is itemized on your account analysis statement.