Commercial Loan Products

Loans with local interest.

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If you are in need of a commercial loan, CB&T can help. We realize the highly competitive nature of the business community. We also recognize that prompt attention to your financial requirements is vital. At CB&T, you will find the willingness and resources to provide for your business needs. Each commercial loan is designed to fit the needs and meet the goals of the individual borrower. 

Working Capital

Working Capital Loans

Occasionally, additional capital will benefit your business growth, or when an increase in capital is needed to meet seasonal or periodic demand, CB&T's working capital loans can give your company the financial assistance it needs.

Commercial Mortgage

Commercial Mortgages

When the time comes to consider purchasing new commercial property, CB&T can arrange the appropriate financing.


Lines of Credit

Commercial Revolving Lines of Credit

A commercial RLOC at CB&T makes capital available when you need it, in the specific amount you need, up to your approved credit limit, and saves you money because you pay interest only on the amount you use.


Construction Loans

Construction/ Development Loans

Looking to finance a construction or development project? Let us help you!


Equipment Loans

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing is an ideal way to finance the purchase of additional equipment or to upgrade, expand or modernize your facility. Terms can be arranged to fit your repayment plan.


Loan Officers

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