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Custodial Account

This type of account aids the client who does not require investment advice for their investment portfolio. The bank administers all the detail work such as collection and disbursement of income, execution of sales and purchases of securities as directed by our client, providing transaction statements and asset inventory, custody and safekeeping of securities.

Investment Management or Advisory Account

Our trust officers will provide individual portfolio management in accordance with the investment objectives of the owner. The bank as agent performs the following services; custody of the assets: record keeping; collection and disbursement of income; receipt of capital changes; purchase and sale of securities. The client may direct the bank to manage their investments, or provide investment advice for their approval.

Living Trust

This trust is flexible, allowing the grantor complete control, while receiving the expertise of the bank's management during his/her lifetime. The bank will administer any property for the client as specified by the terms of the agreement. Upon the grantor's death, the trust may continue for the benefit of his/her family.

Testamentary Trust

A trust created in a will receives the person's assets upon settlement of his estate. This trust relieves family members of the burden of investment management, protects the decedent's assets and assures final distribution of assets to the intended heirs. Our trust officers administer property for the benefit of named individuals and specified by the terms of the Will.

Estate Settlement

Community Bank & Trust, acting as Executor, is responsible for the gathering, safeguarding, appraisal, valuation and investment of assets of the decedent. The bank pays all debts and taxes and distributes assets of the decedent's estate according to the provisions of the Will. As agent for the Independent Executor, the bank can relieve the appointed Executor of all the duties that are required in settling an Estate, while keeping the Executor fully informed as settlement progresses.

Rollover IRA Accounts

For most individuals a lump sum distribution from a retirement plan is the most money they will ever have in one place at one time. Managing a sum of this size is a serious undertaking. We offer two approaches for managing these important assets when they are placed in a Rollover IRA. If you feel comfortable making investment decisions on your own, we will simply invest your Rollover IRA per your instructions, or if you prefer, we stand ready to manage your Rollover IRA on your behalf. Either way, once the plan is created, we will manage your account consistent with the parameters that you have established.

Financial Planning / Estate Planning / Will Review

Community Bank & Trust will meet with clients to review and discuss current and future financial and estate planning needs.


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Non-deposit investment products are not FDIC insured; are not obligations of, guaranteed or endorsed by Community Bank & Trust, Waco, Texas, its parent company or its affiliates, and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.