Check Card

    Community Bank & Trust allows you

    to bank anytime, anywhere.

     For more information, please call us at 753-1521.

    You can use your checkbook the old way for paying bills, but when you are shopping or traveling, your Community Bank & Trust Check Card gives you the convenience of leaving your checkbook at home. The Check Card is not a credit card. You are able to make purchases with your Check Card, and the money will come directly from your designated checking account. 

    With a Community Bank & Trust Check Card you also have 24-hour access to your checking or savings account at an ATM for the following: 

    • Deposits (CB&T ATMs only)
    • Account Balance 

    • Cash Withdrawals
    • Funds Transfers 

    And, you receive a receipt with each transaction. Transactions at our Community Bank & Trust ATM locations are free. Community Bank & Trust has also partnered with the HEB stores in McLennan County to offer free ATM service at each HEB ATM. You may use your Community Bank & Trust Check Card at any other Pulse, Cirrus or NYCE location for a $1.00 charge per transaction plus the usage fee charged by the ATM owner (usually $1.50 per transaction). 

    Click here to learn about our Free ATM Network.