Telephone Banking

    Community Bank & Trust allows you

    to bank anytime, anywhere.

     For more information, please call us at 753-1521.

    OPTION 24 - (254) 752-2407

    Option 24 is Community Bank & Trust's 24-Hour automated telephone banking system.  With Option 24 you can access information on your bank accounts or loans any time, day or night by telephone. It's like having our Customer Service Department at your fingertips - 24 HOURS A DAY!  While we will always be happy to serve our customers in person, we also offer you the OPTION to do your banking when it's convenient for you.

    Options available to you by telephone banking:

    • Verify Direct Deposits
    • Check your current balance and available balance with overdraft protection
    • Determine checks that have been paid on your account
    • Verify ATM transactions
    • Verify Deposits
    • Check status on Personal Loans
    • Check status on Business Loans
    • Check status on Real Estate Loans
    • Check status on Credit Line
    • Verify information on Time Deposits

    The first time you access your account, you will be asked to enter your social security number and account number.

    This service is so easy to use, and the friendly operator will guide you through each step of the way!!