You work hard for your business.
    Trusteer works hard to protect it.

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    We now offer Trusteer malware protection software FREE for all business customers.
    Your customers are important to the success of your business and we want to help you protect your customer's debit and credit card information from malicious access. Although there are no guarantees on solving malware issues completely, Trusteer is a great want to start protecting your business.

    Trusteer helps block malicious attempts to steal your and your customer’s personal account and card information by protecting your internet connection and creating a tunnel for safe communication, if Trusteer is installed on the computer to which you connect to the internet.

    Why use Trusteer?

    • FREE to all Community Bank & Trust customers and is easy to install
    • Trusteer enhances your protection against keylogging, malicious browser add-ons and programs, phishing, and session hijacking
    • Trusteer helps safeguard your sensitive information as well as your customer's personal card information

    Trusteer is designed to work alongside, but not replace, your current security software to increase your protection and decrease your susceptibility to criminal behavior – protecting you and your business from threats your current software may not.

    Click here to access your Online Banking account and to download Trusteer on your computer for FREE now.

    For additional information and support concerning Trusteer, click here. You may also contact us at 753-1521 and we will be happy to assist you.