On May 14, 2015 we celebrate our 63rd Anniversary!

    Same ownership, same name, same orginal location (plus a few new locations), and the same business philosophy of face to face personal service, for 63 years!

    You see, we did not just branch into Waco. Our roots have been here in Waco for our entire 63 years. 

    Many new improvements have occured over 63 years - new locations, Internet banking, mobile banking and a full line of trust and investment services. In some respects, the best part of the past 63 years is what has not changed - our profitability, our name, our ownership, and our commitment to "serving you beyond expectations."

    Many other financial institutions talk about their growth. What these financial institutions are really saying is that they are larger because they have acquired another institution and its customers or they branched into another city. We have been a Waco and McLennan County bank since we were founded in 1952. 

    At Community Bank & Trust we feel that the best way to grow is to add new customers, while keeping existing customers happy, in the city where you are already doing business.

    Our goal for the next 63 years is to continue to be the locally owned bank in which you place your confidence and trust.