Improve Your Finances in 2017

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    If your goal for 2017 is to improve your financial situation, we suggest five simple tips to help you reach your goal of financial stability:

    1. Simplify

    Rather than multiple goals and multiple accounts, try to simplify your finances. It's a lot easier to keep track of your spending and savings when it's all in one place. We can help you get this done. Start by talking to any Community Bank & Trust Officer

    2. Consolidate

    Reduce the number of accounts and account types that you have. This includes credit cards and loans, so look into paying those off as quickly as you can. It is much easier to achieve your goals when there are fewer accounts that you have to keep track of.

    3. Pay Down Debt

    Get specific with this. Pay extra on notes if that makes sense and is possible. Reduce the number of credit card accounts, and reduce or pay off the balances on your cards (focus on paying down those cards with the highest balances first). There is such thing as "good debt," like a home mortgage, but there is also "bad debt" like credit cards. Make it a priority to reduce your bad debt in 2017, and feel free to call our Loan Officers at 753-1521 if we can help.

    4. Automate Payments and Savings

    It is so much easier to make payments on time if those payments are automated. Further, an automatic transfer to a savings account is also beneficial, as it helps give you the discipline to stay on schedule. Automatic payments as well as savings transfers are great tools to help you reach your financial goals. 

    5. Technology is Good

    For better control over your finances, try our MoneyLink product that is integrated into Option Online. MoneyLink gathers all of your financial information from all over (both from CB&T and other institutions) to one place where you can manage your finances more easily. Check out MoneyLink today by logging into Option Online, and call any of our New Account Officers if you need assistance or for more information.