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    Investing in home improvements yields many returns. Careful planning will protect an important asset and return years of satisfaction.

    How does a Property Improvement Loan work? 

    • To get started, you will need a conservative estimate of your home's value, the desired loan amount, and a breakdown of your monthly income and debt payments.
    • Submit a Loan Inquiry to one of CB&T's Loan Officers, who upon receiving your inquiry will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your options.
    • If needed, an independent appraiser will review the contractor's bid and evaluate your home to provide CB&T with an as-improved value for your home.
    • Close on your loan!
    • After closing, the contractor can begin work. At the end of the project, a final inspection is performed and the final funds are disbursed. Then it's time to enjoy your home!

    Why a Property Improvement Loan? 

    • More money. Your loan amount is based on your home's value after improvements are made.
    • More choices. If you are in the market for a new home, you can look at properties you might not consider otherwise and make improvements later.
    • Speed. Being a locally owned bank allows us to respond quickly - usually in just a couple of days.
    • Tax deductibility. The interest on your home improvement loan may be tax deductible.

    Let CB&T assist you with your finances when adding on that new addition to your home, building a swimming pool or remodeling your kitchen.


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