HEB Free ATM Program

    Frequently Asked Questions

    about HEB Free ATMs

     For more information, please call us at 753-1521.

    Where can I find free ATMs?

    You can find free ATMs at any local HEB or any of our three banking centers.  

    Will I be charged a fee?

    The HEB ATM terminal will ask you to accept the usage fee, usually $2.50. Please respond, “Yes” or “Accept.” Your receipt will show your withdrawal including the fee. However, Community Bank & Trust will automatically rebate this fee on the same business day that it is withdrawn. This makes using the HEB ATM free to you, our valued customer.

    Are there limits on the amount of money I can withdrawal?

    Yes. The most cash you can withdrawal on any one transaction or total in any one day is $500 including any temporary or permanent ATM fees. This limit is to protect your funds in the event your card is stolen.

    Is it free for any type of transaction?

    Any transaction that generates an ATM fee will also generate a rebate by the bank. You should consider using any HEB ATM just as you would use ours.

    Which accounts can I access?

    You should have access to your primary checking and savings accounts at the majority of ATMs. However, due to differences in customer accounts and terminal programming, you may experience variability in the accounts you have access to at various ATM terminals.

    Can I make transfers?

    Yes. Community Bank & Trust customers can make transfers free of charge at HEB ATMs. However, some ATMs are not equipped with the same functionality as our CB&T ATMs, therefore you may experience limited transfer capabilities.

    Can I make a deposit at an HEB ATM?

    No. Currently, HEB ATM terminals do not take deposits from CB&T customers. However, you can make deposits at our three drive-up terminals located at our banking centers. Deposits at these CB&T drive-up terminals made before 3:00PM on regular business days will be credited to your account that day, others will be credited on the next business day.

    How do I know it’s free?

    With free Option Online you can check your balances and transactions online.  If you prefer, you can call our 24-hour telephone banking at (254) 752-2407. Finally, if you have further questions, you can always speak with a Community Bank & Trust representative by calling your local banking center at (254) 753-1521.

    Are there other banks involved?

    This program is specifically for customers of Community Bank & Trust. The participating ATMs are operated by HEB, and Community Bank & Trust rebates the fees charged by these ATMs back to its own customers.