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    MoneyLink is CB&T's new FREE personal finance manager that is available to all Internet banking customers! Simply login to Option Online, click the "MoneyLink" tab, and you're ready to start piecing your financial picture together!


    MoneyLink will help you...

    View all your accounts in one place.Moneylink website

    Link your checking, savings, investment, retirement, credit card, mortgage, reward program accounts, and more. MoneyLink automatically pulls all your financial data into one place.

    Track spending.

    See a real time visual of where your money goes (all easily categorized). Use the information to adjust your spending habits and meet your financial goals.

    See all account transactions.

    Sort all your account transactions by category, date, merchant, or amount.

    Set a budget.

    MoneyLink calculates your average spending by category so you can easily create a budget based on your real spending patterns. Compare your spending by year or by month and find out how much you can save by cutting back.

    Set bill reminders.

    Protect your finances and stay on top of your bills. Alerts remind you to pay your bill, and warn you when they are overdue.

    Set goals.

    Save for any goal by planning ahead and tracking progress. Adjust the timing and amount of your goals as your income and expenses change.

    View your net worth.

    By linking all your accounts and investments, MoneyLink can give you a full view of your assets and liabilities.

    Link real estate with Zillow.

    Input your address and Zillow will provide you with a real time estimate of your house's value.

    Allocate assets.

    View asset allocation across all your investment accounts, including 401k, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, and IRAs. MoneyLink even allows you to compare your portfolio to market benchmarks.

    View reward miles and points.

    No more remembering multiple user names and passwords to check your balance for air miles, hotel points, and more. See them all at once and get a snapshot of which rewards will soon expire.


    Ready to get started? 

    MoneyLink can be easily accessed by logging in to Option Online (Internet banking) and clicking the "MoneyLink" tab. Accept the disclaimer and you're ready to start piecing your financial picture together!

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    Step 1: Link your accounts.

    Your Community Bank & Trust accounts will already be displayed, but click "Add Account" to link to another bank account, credit card, investment or asset!

    Step 2: Categorize spending.

    By classifying your spending by category, you can easily create a budget and view your spending patterns.

    Step 3: Create a budget.

    Under the "Reports" tab, click on "Set Budget Goals" to start a budget. Then create alerts that will let you know when you reach your set spending limits.

    Step 4: Set bill reminders.

    Under the "Accounts Overview" tab, click on "Bill Reminders," then link your billing accounts to MoneyLink and you will be alerted when it's time to pay a bill.

    Step 5: Link real estate.

    Under the "Accounts Overview" tab, click "Real Estate" to use Zillow to add your real estate to your Net Worth. Once your real estate is added, you can view your "Home Equity Chart" under the same tab.

    Step 6: View your net worth.

    To view your net worth, click on the "Net Worth Statement" button from the "Accounts Overview" drop-down menu. Select the desired time frame (week, month, year) and view the change in your net worth along with a break down of all your assets and liabilities.


    Community Bank & Trust representatives are always available to assist you! Please call 753-1521 or come visit us at one of our three locations for individualized assistance with MoneyLink!